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Action Games

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Fast-moving difficulties and barriers abound in action games. This is the only casual gaming genre that provides a diversity of play types ranging from sports to war to strategy and everything in between. We've got you covered if you're trying to climb the scoreboard, score the game-winning goal, double tap your opponent, or race your way to victory. Your one-stop store for every type of amusement imaginable is an action game. Blade Rush is an 8-bit retro pixel game that allows you play like the ninja you've always wanted to be. Dash into glory swords first. Or perhaps you'd prefer fire away with a shooting game like Total Recoil, charge the enemy lines in Duty Hill 2, or soar through the air with Sky War! Anyone who can appreciate the visceral excitement of Spooky Run or the controlled mayhem of a tactical strike game like Chopper Assault will find our assortment of action games to be seriously entertaining. We have you covered whether you want to destroy the opposition like a genuine Sift Head or take on a nightmarish creature from beyond the reaches of space like in Nightmare Runner. This is your chance to make a splash, stir a commotion, and get right into this exciting collection of Action Games.