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Atari Asteroids

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The classic arcade game Asteroids from Atari is a multidirectional shooter set in outer space. Take command of a single spaceship and navigate it through an asteroid field while staying alert for passing flying saucers. You can only move your spaceship forward by rotating it while simultaneously applying thrust. Be careful as you try to shoot and destroy all of the saucers and asteroids. Asteroids will shatter into smaller fragments, and asteroids in free fall will reappear on the sides of the screen. Between 20 and 100 points will be awarded to each asteroid. As you accumulate more points, the difficulty of the game will naturally increase. The large saucer will fire erratically and inaccurately, whereas the small saucer has a great deal more accuracy. It will also award you a total of one thousand points! Don't forget to use the Hyperspace feature, but limit how often you do so that your ship doesn't end up crashing from overuse.

Use the keyboard to move the ship and shoot the asteroids.