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Dominoes BIG

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The game of dominoes is started by the player who has the highest double, which is therefore a double 6. In the event that no one already possesses this domino, the player who has the most powerful double will win. The next player in turn is required to position a domino with the same number of points as the domino that was previously placed on at least one side of the board. Simply being the first player to position all of your dominoes and win the game is enough to earn you the victory. It's possible that the game will not load. The winner is determined to be the participant who ended the game with the fewest points.

7 dominoes for 2 players 7 dominoes for 3 players 7 dominoes for 4 players 7 dominoes for 5 players 6 dominoes for 4 players 7 dominoes for 5 players 6 dominoes for 3, 4, or 5 players Beware It is necessary to distribute the dominoes while concealing the points. The remaining dominoes are used as a pickaxe in the game.