Dungeon Realms

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Dungeon Realms is a dungeon crawling video game played from the first-person perspective. Explore a large number of levels, each of which features enemies that are progressively more challenging than the previous one.

Explore dungeons
You will play the part of a brave hero who is tasked with liberating the kingdom from the clutches of those who wish to see it destroyed. In order to accomplish your mission, it will be necessary for you to venture into dangerous dungeons populated by hostile creatures. Prepare yourself for danger by arming yourself to the teeth before setting out on a perilous journey to find glory and treasure. A bloody meat grinder awaits you! Now is the time to demonstrate your prowess and expertise with various kinds of weapons!

Characters from a variety of Roguelike games
You have the option of playing Dungeon Realms as either a female archer or a male warrior. You can choose the one that has the gameplay that is most suited to your style by looking at the different options each character offers.

You can purchase more powerful weapons for yourself using the reward money you get for completing the levels. These new weapons will make you more powerful.

The graphics in Dungeon Realms are cartoony, and the soundtrack is relaxing.

Included are: a multitude of challenging and unique levels
- Two different playable characters, including a warrior and an archer - Cartoon graphics and pleasant music - A wide variety of weapons
- A gameplay that is dynamic

WASD - Move
Mouse - Attack
P - Pause
G - Use Health Bottle


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