Hero Tower Wars Online

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Have a good time with this exciting action game and exciting adventure. Help the little hero take down the towers in each of the levels of this exclusive tower defence game by playing Hero Tower Wars Online. The game is part of the category of games known as "tower defence." Take advantage of Kiz10's free services to play this game and work on raising your score. A valiant hero made the decision to attack the towers in which her lovely princess is held captive, and she is counting on you to rescue her from the various foes who have her in their grasp. To raise your level and defeat each foe, you must first move the character through each level of the tower and then calculate the appropriate sum using addition, subtraction, or multiplication. Your level can be increased by acquiring a variety of objects; doing so will result in the addition of many coins, which can be used to unlock a variety of skins. Adventure game with action, battles, and tower defence elements are featured. To improve your score, you must first finish each level. Utilizing each of the skins will help you improve your character. Perform mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, and multiplication.

Instructions To move the character around the towers, use the right click button on your mouse. You can touch and drag the character that is on each tower using your mobile devices and tablets.