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Sonic Rush Toilet

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It's a fun casual game Zonic Rush Bathroom Vanity Have a good time helping the little Zonic find his way to the prize he won at the bathroom bee! Could you assist the little Zonic in getting there on time? Have a good time playing kiz10 with some of the best free games available. The young hedgehog can't wait to get to the bathroom when all of a sudden, something terrible happens. In this new game, you will have to make your way to Little Sonic in order to locate the restroom; however, you will need to act quickly because you do not have a lot of time. If you are able to solve the various puzzles that appear in each level, you will be able to finish the game. FeaturesIt is an adventure game that can be played in your spare time. It is a game set in a universe where Sonic and toilets coexist. Find the solutions to the puzzles that are presented in each level of the game. Try your best to achieve the highest possible score.

Instructions You can move the character around and make him jump by using the arrow keys, and you can destroy the boxes and other objects by clicking the right mouse button. On mobile devices, tapping the game buttons will cause you to move and jump. Tapping the boxes will cause them to be destroyed.