Wood Block Puzzle 2

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The second installment of the addictiveness-inducing puzzle game that has ever been created! Your mind will be challenged for a number of hours, days, and possibly even months by playing this puzzle game. It has a gorgeous wooden design, with puzzle pieces that have been meticulously carved, as well as a game board. Are you prepared to reach the level of mastery?

You are required to position a combination of three blocks on the board in a strategic manner. If you finish lines in either the vertical or horizontal direction, the blocks will disappear. The better your score will be at the end of the game depending on how many lines you finish. Be careful, because the game will end as soon as there are no more empty spaces on the board. Does it appear easy? Just based on the initial impression. This game calls for some serious strategy. You can become the master of the wood block puzzle if you earn additional points, unlock medals, and complete accomplishments.


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