Angry Heroes

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Are there any people here that are nostalgic for insane furious birds? The escapade with the Angry Heroes team has been resumed. Throw furious birds at your foes to see if you can force them out of the tower where they are hidden. In the game, which is broken up into a total of 20 different chapters, each subsequent chapter will be more difficult than the one that came before it. You will need to perform calculations similar to putting together a puzzle. How many different monstrous foes can you take down with a single bird? Put your furious bird on the slingshot, and then pull the trigger. Put your attention on your objective by moving it in the opposite direction. When you are certain that the adversary is shooting at you, you should let grip of the furious bird and allow it to fly away. Right here is the direct hit! During the exciting and well-liked game, time will seem to stand still. We have no doubt that you will breeze through the tests with flying colours. Your objective is to enjoy yourself. Let's start the fun by clicking to play a game with these bright birds, and let the good times roll!

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